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International Day to End Obstetric Fistula

Campaign to End Obstetric Fistula logoThe RCOG is a proud Global Partner of the UNFPA Campaign to End Fistula. We are a global advocate for all women suffering from obstetric fistula around the world, and are committed to keeping fistula at the top of everyone's agenda.

Painting of three girls by Jac Saorsa

Painting by Jac Saorsa, from the collection "Drawing Out Obstetric Fistula"


What is obstetric fistula?

Obstetric fistula is a serious complication of childbirth, resulting in a painful injury and disability for a woman. It is caused by prolonged obstructed labour and leads to infection, incontinence and, if untreated, even death. Women affected by obstetric fistula suffer physical and psychological pain as well as social stigma, exclusion and shame. Fistula affects over two million women worldwide, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

With more action focused on providing quality management at an early stage of labour as well as delivering timely and affordable access to surgery for women already affected, the adverse effects of this condition can be eradicated.


The RCOG believes strongly that no woman should have to suffer the devastating impact of obstetric fistula

The RCOG is supporting the UNFPA campaign by raising awareness of obstetric fistula and calling for positive action to enable women to access the quality care they deserve. We want to end the suffering of women from obstetric fistula within a generation.

The RCOG believes that we must vocalise our support for women with obstetric fistula to let them know they are not suffering in obscurity. We must encourage and support the organisations, hospitals and doctors committed to providing fistula surgery to help them grow in scale, scope and sustainability. The strongest voices to support women with obstetric fistula are fellow women who have been cured.

Women with the condition face immense physical and psychological difficulties. This is compounded if they are rejected by their family and community. To prevent this happening, the RCOG actively supports improvements in the quality of the health care women can access. Our work goes beyond training and advocates that all health care professionals should take a human rights approach to the health care they provide, affording women the dignity and respect within health care they deserve. Our aim is to strengthen services in this way too so that more women readily access trained maternal health providers.

The RCOG is working with partners in Nigeria and Uganda to prevent fistula through training health care professionals including increasing awareness amongst providers of how fistula affects women and girls long-term both physically and psychologically.



Working together to end obstetric fistula

View videos from a multidisciplinary range of individuals involved in the prevention of fistula

Obituary: Sr Dr Maura Lynch

Sr Dr Maura Lynch established a centre of excellence in the treatment of obstetric fistula at Kitovu, Uganda.