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Working together to end obstetric fistula

For International Day to End Obstetric Fistula (IDEOF) the RCOG are showcasing a multidisciplinary range of individuals involved in the prevention of fistula and its consequences. 

They give their motivation for working to end fistula, highlight the importance of a multidisciplinary team in treating women, and call for an holistic approach that looks to repair both the physical and psychosocial effects of fistula.

Professor Alison Fiander, O&G Clinician 

Alison is a consultant gynaecologist and has worked with projects treating obstetric fistula in Ghana, The Gambia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Dr Ed MacLaren, O&G Clinician

Ed is an obstetrician and gynaecologist working with CW+, the Chelsea and Westminster Health Charity, at Kitovu Hospital, Uganda.

Dr Ranee Thakar, O&G Clinician 

Ranee is a consultant urogynaecologist with an interest in perineal trauma.

Dr Helen Allott, O&G Clinician 

Helen is a consultant obstetrician who has worked on different fistula projects in Uganda for several years. 

Dr Jac Saorsa, Artist

Jac is a visual artist whose practice is mainly in the field of medicine. Her Drawing Out Obstetric Fistula collection is being exhibited in New York City this year.

Gill Brook, Women's Health Physiotherapist

Gill is a senior women’s health physiotherapist who has supported Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in their education and training since 2008.

Jude Holden, Midwife

Jude is a midwife who has developed projects in Sierra Leone, Malawi, Kenya and Madagascar with Freedom from Fistula Foundation.

Dr Sohier Elneil, O&G Clinician 

Suzy (Sohier) is a consultant gynaecologist and the author of the FIGO Global Competency-Based Fistula Surgery Training Manual.

Podcasts from Kitovu

Listen to audio recordings from Kitovu Health Care Complex:

  • Dr Maura Lynch FRCOG (Hon), Director of Fistula at Kitovu Hospital, Uganda discusses her life-long work in fistula surgery and why she thinks it is important that we all mark International Day to End Obstetric Fistula.
  • Dr Sr Nalubega Florence, O&G Clinician at Kitovu Hospital talks about her work in fistula and how Kitovu are supporting and caring for women suffering from fistula across the rural Masaka region of Uganda.

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