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Lilian Chamgezi

Lilian Chamgezi: Nursing officer from Sinza Hospital, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sister Lilian Chamgezi attended the Leading Safe Choices Postpartum Family Planning course in Dar es Salaam in May 2016. Since then, Sister Lilian has received supportive supervision at her facility from LSC Supervisor, Dr.Madiwa, who was also trained through the LSC programme. Sister Lilian has now undergone in-service training, which involves: inserting a postpartum IUD (PPIUD) on an anatomical model 5 times; 10 supervised PPIUD insertions on patients; and a further PPIUD insertion assessed for competency by a master trainer, before sign-off can be accomplished. Sister Lilian has undertaken 9 supervised insertions on a patient, which have been recorded in her training log-book. Sister Chamgezi is fast on her way to being certified as competent and will be able to provide the service independently. She can then also become a supervisor for other LSC trainees in her facility.