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Sister Fawzia Samuels

Leading Safe Choices (LSC) Postpartum Family Planning Mentor, Sister Fawzia Samuels, from Mitchells Plain Community Health Clinic (CHC) & Midwife Obstetrics Unit (MOU)

In December 2016, Sister Fawzia Samuels was certified competent in postpartum family planning (PPFP), and has since become an LSC PPFP Mentor.

Sister Samuels shares that before undertaking the LSC PPFP course in October 2016, “we just used to counsel on family planning when there were problems and only about a specific method, not going into detail about the various family planning options. The focus wasn’t on education and prevention.”

As a result of the LSC two day training course and subsequent on-the-job supervision, Sister Samuels explains that “now the focus is education to create awareness and to allow the client to make an informed choice after being educated about all methods available to them. Clients now understand their rights and how their bodies work.”