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RCOG/AAGBI global health map guidance

This information is for anyone considering submitting details of their global health projects for inclusion on the global health activity map. The map is designed to help RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees share information about projects they are working on outside the UK.

The AAGBI plan to expand the map across other related specialties to aid collaboration between UK global health projects.

What projects should be added to the map?

The map aims to highlight partnerships between hospitals and institutions, however details of individuals undertaking international work may also be extremely beneficial for others. For example, you may have resources to share such as training manuals, or able to provide volunteering and mentoring opportunities.

For projects which span many different countries, please contact

If you work with a number of different projects, we’d be grateful if you could complete the survey for each individual project.

Key considerations

There are some key points you need to consider before submitting information about your project:

Personal details

We strongly recommend that you set up a generic email address for your project rather than including personal names or contact details on the map. For safety reasons, this is particularly important if your project is potentially culturally sensitive.

The map is freely available online so anyone will be able to see the contact details you provide – one possible consequence is that you could receive a large amount of spam emails (although this has not been the case for users of the AAGBI map so far.)

There are a number of free email providers availble, e.g. Gmail.

Copyright and permissions

Please ensure that you are the owner of any resources you plan to share or that you have the permission of the copyright holder. This includes permission to share images, tables, etc. that are the copyright of a third party. You may find the RCOG copyright FAQs useful.

RCOG/AAGBI disclaimer

The RCOG and AAGBI do not endorse any of the projects on the map. The RCOG takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of the information, nor for any quality, outcomes or health and safety issues related to any of the projects featured on the map.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need advice, please email us on

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