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Why get involved in RCOG global health?

Through education, training, implementing new systems of working, carrying out needs assessments and undertaking research, volunteers can bring about real improvements to women’s health care and help save women’s lives. 

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Why get involved?

Those who volunteer their time to help us develop global health projects and programmes are vital to us to be able to carry out the work that we do but equally, the experience will also bring benefits to you for your professional career.

Benefits to you

The nature of the difficulties facing health professionals in under-resourced countries are very different from anything most doctors experience in the UK. Volunteering to help with projects focued on low-income countries would be an enormous help to you in gaining skills and experience that can enhance and boost your confidence, as it:

  • Provides the opportunity to meet and work with new people
  • Develops your leadership and professional skills
  • Helps you develop greater understanding of social and ethnic diversity
  • Allows you to develop greater sensitivity to the needs of individual patients
  • Helps you gain a public health perspective
  • Inspires individuals to undertake further learning, such as Diplomas and Masters in International Health or Development.
  • Helps you develop a greater understanding of global health issues
  • Improved staff engagement and motivation, leading to improved staff satisfaction, retention and productivity.

Read the inspiring testimonies of doctors who’ve volunteered their time to further the work of RCOG global health and that of our partners.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Better return on investment in training
  • Improved staff engagement and motivation, leading to improved staff satisfaction, retention and productivity
  • Refreshed staff
  • Staff return with enhanced leadership and professional skills
  • The organisation enjoys an enhanced reputation among the public, staff and media as a result of well-directed international development activities

Opportunities to get involved with RCOG global health

To find out how you can get involved with RCOG global health, please see all the current opportunities.

Contact us

If you have any questions, or need more information, please email the global health team.

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