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Respectful care in women’s health

Resources for small group training on respectful care

Respectful care checklist thumbnailThe RCOG advocates that all women have the right to receive high quality health care. This includes health care delivered with respect, dignity and compassion.

To support health professionals in understanding respectful care and the necessity to provide it even in the most stressful and challenging of situations, the RCOG has created resources for small group training where a facilitator leads the discussion with a group of delegates.

The case studies have been written by RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees to facilitate discussion about how things can go wrong and how to improve respectful care for the future.

We have also developed a checklist of helpful tips and advice for all health professionals caring for women globally to support them to ensure women under their care are always treated with the respectful they deserve.


Checklist for respectful care: 6 tips for health care professionals (PDF)

Cervical cancer (case study)

Early Pregnancy Loss (case study)

An obstetric case (case study)


Respectful care dos and don'ts

Respectful care dos and don'ts from the Checklist for respectful care (PDF)