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Liaison Groups

RCOG Liaison Groups (LGs) are made up of the diaspora of national doctors resident in the British Isles, or doctors with a strong interest in a specific country, whether in the British Isles or not, who wish to support development of women’s health care in that region. Each group is known as the RCOG (country) Liaison Group.

See the list of current RCOG Liaison Groups and contact details for the Chairs.


Responsibilities of the Liaison Groups

  • Each LG will elect Officers on a 3-yearly tenure; it is recommended that this should include a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and Deputy Chair.
  • The Chairman will ensure that activities are recorded and visible to all members of the group.
  • The Secretary will maintain a database of members, always abiding by the UK Data Protection Act regulations.
  • The Treasurer will be responsible for maintaining accurate financial records which should be submitted to the RCOG Global Health Unit on an annual basis.
  • The LG should maintain close and cordial relationships with the relevant International Representative Committee, where one exists.
  • The LG is encouraged to positively engage with organisations working to help the relevant country, such as the British Council, British Medical Association (BMA), the Department for International Development (DFID), non-governmental organisations (NGOs), etc.
  • The LG may endeavour to develop links with the relevant O&G national society through contacts with the International Representative Committee.
  • The LG may establish contacts with supportive organisations within the relevant country, including ministries of health, the British Embassy, NGOs, etc. in liaison with the appropriate International Representative Committee.
  • The LG should develop a 3-yearly strategic plan in collaboration with the appropriate International Representative Committee.
  • The LG is encouraged to invite the International Council representative responsible for their country.
  • Individuals, actions should not compromise the standing and mission of the LG.


Functions of the Liaison Groups

  • The LG should aim to facilitate educational and training links between its members, the RCOG and the appropriate International Representative Committee and national societies.
  • The LG should try to identify training opportunities within the British Isles for doctors seeking opportunities through the MTI scheme.
  • The LG should ensure that at all times the health of women in the relevant country has supremacy over any personal interest.
  • The LG should develop healthcare delivery projects felt to be appropriate to be delivered in the relevant country.
  • The LG should increase awareness and promote the need for more effective use of knowledge and tools to impact on the maternal and neonatal health indicators in the relevant country. This should include capacity building. Decisions about organising Life Saving Skills in Essential Obstetric Care and Neonatal Care courses will need to be sanctioned by the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine/RCOG Partnership Group.
  • The LG will be responsible for its own financial liabilities.


Liaison Groups events

View the highlights from the latest LG events. 


RCOG support

  • The RCOG will provide facilities for up to 4 meetings per annum in the College, free of charge.
  • The RCOG will provide a dedicated area of the website for the LG’s activities.
  • If required, the RCOG can provide banking facilities.
  • The RCOG can circulate electronic communications to its Fellows and Members in the relevant country or worldwide, if felt appropriate, about the LG’s activities.


Contact us

If you have any questions, or want more information, please email Agnes Raboczki, Membership Engagement Coordinator, at


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