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The IRC/LG handbook

The RCOG have launched a new handbook for International Representative Committees (IRCs) and Liaison Groups (LGs).

IRC/LG handbook
IRC/LG handbook [PDF]

Handbook providing clear guidance and support for International Representative Committees and Liaison Groups. 

About the handbook

IRCs and LGs are responsible for furthering the work of the RCOG around the world. The handbook aims to help IRCs and LGs become less bureaucratic and more self-governing and to give them an equal footing in terms of their relationship with the College. The handbook will help aling the work of the IRCs/LGs to the RCOG’s global health strategy.

The RCOG has collaborated with colleagues from IRCs and LGs to develop the above handbook. The handbook provides useful guidance and information for IRCs and LGs on:

  • The roles of IRCs and LGs within the sphere of RCOG Global Health
  • The election process for IRC/LG members
  • Developing new maternal health projects with the RCOG and applying for funding to support them
  • Supporting doctors who wish to come to train in the UK on the MTI scheme
  • Education, training and professional development for O&G specialists
  • Membership of the RCOG

We will regularly review and update the handbook, with input from IRCs and LGs.

Forms and templates

The Global Health Unit has created template forms for IRCs/LGs to submit when developing new projects:

Annual report form

This form should reflect on the activity undertaken by the IRC/LG over the past 12 months. It should be demonstrated how this activity fits alongside the RCOG Global Health Strategy priorities.

Annual proposed activity plan

IRCs/LGs should set out their planned activities for the coming year and submit this form towards the end of the current year. The plan should give details of all project activity and ensure that it ties into to the priorities of RCOG Global Health.

Detailed project funding application form

For each activity that the IRC/LG proposes, they must submit a funding application to the Global Health Unit. This template requires detailed information on how the activity will be of sustainable benefit to improving an area of maternal health care and the detailed budget plan for this.

Contact details

Please send completed forms to Binta Patel at

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