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Advanced Fellowship Programme

This year, the RCOG is testing a new initiative, the RCOG Advanced Fellowship Programme. This page provide more detail about our pilot programme, and also explains how you can get involved.


We recognise our global responsibility to ensure quality care for women and, as around 50% of our members are based outside the UK, we wish to support the development of specialised training worldwide.

Building on the success of the MRCOG, part of our vision is to expand the training of advanced clinical skills via the RCOG Advanced Fellowship Programme, which aims to deliver a standardised training system in hospitals outside the UK. We will do this via a network of suitable global centres through a process of recognition (RCOG Accreditation) for individuals who complete an approved programme of advanced training (RCOG Certification).

About the RCOG Advanced Fellowship Programme 

The RCOG Advanced Fellowship Programme will develop high-level skills needed in specialist fields, and will:

  • Improve skills within different areas of the specialty through an RCOG-accredited standardised training and assessment structure
  • Establish and maintain local faculty development through training the trainers courses
  • Provide training and support to centres to deliver the programmes
  • Develop sustainable processes to enable good practice
  • Build partnerships and create buy-in from local societies to form sustainable long-term partnerships

Using the Advanced Training Skills Module (ATSM) curriculum and structure, the new programme will be delivered in hospitals around the world. As many of the competencies required for each module can be achieved during day-to-day service commitments, it will be important for trainees undertaking the programme to spend time in the relevant clinical areas to develop their knowledge and skills.

The RCOG has selected the following two modules for the pilot, as we believe they have the largest potential to benefit women’s health and are two areas where patients can gain from specialist advice and care:

The two modules will be tested in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia over the next 2 years. Centres include:

The pilot will be evaluated on:

  • Appropriateness of the information and training provided by the RCOG for centres and trainers to deliver each module in the Advanced Fellowship Programme
  • Experience of the fellowship trainees and trainers’ engagement with the programme 

Through the feedback gained, we will refine our programme to enable more global centres to deliver the RCOG Advanced Fellowship Programme.

Get involved

UK mentors

The RCOG is looking for UK mentors to support the new Advanced Fellowship Centres and the trainers in Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia who are currently setting up the programme in their hospitals. We are looking for people who have a good understanding of how ATSMs work in the UK and experience of conducting workplace-based assessment, as well as good knowledge of/rapport with the countries concerned.

We hope that the mentors will provide the centres and trainers with moral support and a clinical touchpoint as they prepare to roll out the Advanced Fellowship Programme. At this stage we do not envisage being able to fund the mentor to visit the centre, but this may become necessary when the programme is rolled out in other centres and for other modules.

For further information or to register your interest, please email Rakhi Shah.

International centres

The Advanced Fellowship Programme is currently in the pilot phase. However, if you would like to receive further information about the pilot and how to become an RCOG-accredited centre, please email an expression of interest and your core area(s) of subspecialty to Rakhi Shah.

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