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Excellence in: Obstetric Skills – Kitovu, Uganda

This page outlines information about the RCOG’s partnership with the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) and the essential obstetric skills and fistula prevention project.

The project

We have received funding to conduct emergency obstetric training with an emphasis on fistula prevention at Kitovu Health Care Complex. This training course forms part of the wider partnership between Kitovu and the RCOG.

The two-year project involves developing and rolling out 10 emergency obstetric courses at Kitovu for local health workers, including midwives, nurses, medical and clinical officers and local O&G consultants.

Aim of the project

This project uses the modules from the Excellence in: Obstetric Skills training course. The aim is to share knowledge with local health care providers in Masaka to facilitate quality and timely management of obstetric emergencies such as obstetric haemorrhage, sepsis, pre-eclampsia and obstructed labour. The project also has a special emphasis upon obstetric fistula prevention (through as well as teaching on the pyscho-social impact of the condition upon women.

To ensure sustainability of the transfer and retention of skills, the course uses a train-the-trainer approach.

News and updates from the project

Read about the first two courses run by RCOG faculty at Kitovu, Uganda.

Read the Excellence in: Obstetric Skills update at the half-way point of the project.

Watch the Excellence in: Obstetric Skills film

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