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Continuous cardiotocography (CTG)

Of the 409 babies where fetal monitoring was identified as a critical contributory factor by one or more reviewer, continuous CTG interpretation and/or its subsequent management was a significant contributory factor to the outcome for 341 babies.


47 of these babies had critical factors identified in both intermittent auscultation and CTG. The Each Baby Counts team examined the care of the remaining 294 babies in which only CTG factors were identified in the fetal monitoring categories. The distribution of the contributory factors for these 294 babies can be found in Table 7.


A random selection of the local investigation reports of 70 babies was reviewed to identify common themes in these babies that could be highlighted to drive improvement in their care.


Table 7. Distribution of continuous CTG critical contributory factors identified

Contributory factor

% of babies, N = 294

CTG technique/equipment


Errors of interpretation of CTG


Failure to act upon suspicious or pathological CTG


Fetal blood sampling


CTG and blood sampling -–- other



Note: These contributory factors are not mutually exclusive; reviewers can indicate that there was more than one critical contributory factor in the care of each baby.