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Case ascertainment

Intrapartum stillbirths and early neonatal deaths are cross-checked against data from MBRRACE-UK.


MBRRACE-UK conduct case ascertainment against Office for National Statistics and National Records of Scotland birth and death registration data and hospital data in Northern Ireland, to ensure that all perinatal deaths are recorded. In addition to the cross-checking undertaken by MBRRACE-UK against Each Baby Counts eligibility, the MBRRACE-UK system flags any babies potentially eligible for Each Baby Counts when they are entered.


Babies with a severe neonatal brain injury are cross-checked against the National Neonatal Research Database, which holds data on 98% of neonatal units in England, Wales and Scotland.[i] Northern Irish neonatal units use the BadgerNet database[ii] and this is also used to check case ascertainment. A system is currently being developed to cross-check these cases of severe brain injury in Northern Ireland.


Lead Reporters are sent lists of potentially eligible babies identified from these data sources who have been born in their unit but have not been reported to Each Baby Counts. They are asked to confirm their eligibility via the online reporting system. The clinical director of obstetrics (chief of service) in each maternity unit has overall responsibility for ensuring that data are submitted in a timely fashion and that each eligible baby is reported.


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