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Communication with neonatal teams prior to delivery


A baby born at 42 weeks following a rise in the fetal heart-rate baseline along with a high maternal heart rate and temperature required extensive resuscitation. Adequate resuscitation was commenced immediately because a paediatric junior doctor was present at delivery.

When the condition of the baby deteriorated, care was escalated quickly and appropriately to the neonatal emergency team, who arrived immediately. Due to complications with the resuscitation, care was also appropriately escalated to an obstetric anaesthetist and a paediatric ENT (ear, nose and throat) consultant. The baby died at approximately 2 hours of age.


The communication before delivery of this baby, in anticipation of problems, was commended by the local review team. Multiple teams and specialties were involved in the care of both the mother and the baby and it was felt that the swift communication between teams provided this baby with good care.