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Further resources for human factors and situational awareness

Resources to support further understanding on human factors and situational awareness

In conjunction with the EBC video and scenarios these further resources could help form the basis for a training session focusing on Human Factors and Situational awareness.


‘Monkey Business Illusion’

A simple but effective way of demonstrating that when focused on a specific task we can have selective attention bias and miss other events that are occurring. Useful as an initial introduction to situational awareness.


StratOG Learning Module: Human Factors

An individual learning resource that details the background to human factors theory and how it relates to Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Covering issues such as clinical error, patient safety and the impact of human behaviours.

This also includes a link to a video featuring ‘The Elaine Bromley Case’ where senior clinicians lost situational awareness when managing a case and the other staff members did not speak up despite recognising the seriousness of the situation.


Leicester Time Escalation Decision Video

A sensitive video portraying the story of first time parents attending a maternity unit and the events surrounding their care that ensue (warning content may affect viewers). The video aims to encourage the audience to reflect on the consequences of the actions taken and the impact of personal decisions. It is supported by a series of facilitator resources to help address issues surrounding confirmation bias, communication and organisational culture within maternity units.


Clinical Human Factors Group

A website with links to various best practice Human Factors resources across the NHS including policy in this area. Including slides from a recent Human Factors and Safer Births seminar focusing on team communication.


Situational Awareness and its Application on the Delivery Suite

Edozien, LC. (2015). "Situational awareness and its application in the delivery suite." Obstetetrics & Gynecology [online]. Jan;125(1):65-9. 

This article outlines strategies that can be used to help develop situational awareness on the delivery suite and has simple recommendations that can be put into practice to enhance performance and improve safety.