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Tips for Lead Reporters

Below is one of the case studies written by contributors to the Each Baby Counts project.

Tips for Lead Reporters

Dr Ed Prosser-Snelling, Each Baby Counts Quality Improvement and Network Lead

While chatting to a lot of lead reporters around the country, one thing has emerged as a universal theme: everyone is working very hard to complete vital risk management reports with very little resource. I thought I would highlight this competence from the core speciality postgraduate curriculum for all obstetric and gyanecological registrars:

All core O&G trainees need to get this signed off in their electronic ePortfolio and link this sign-off to evidence. Most units in the UK have at least five trainees, who both need to and will be keen to learn about the risk management process.

Speak to your RCOG College Tutor, who will be able to tell you which of your unit’s registrars need this sign-off (by looking in the College Tutor view in the ePortfolio) and voila – immediate helping hands for your reports. They will also bring fresh eyes to the solutions you might be looking to generate in the aftermath of an Each Baby Counts case. It’s a good way to get them thinking about how to make systems improvements on the labour ward too.

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