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Tips on case ascertainment for Lead Reporters

Below is one of the case studies written by contributors to the Each Baby Counts project.

Tips on case ascertainment for Lead Reporters

Hannah Knight, Each Baby Counts Project Lead
Emily Petch, Each Baby Counts Project Coordinator

We’ve had lots of feedback from Each Baby Counts Lead Reporters regarding our case ascertainment and the identification of potentially reportable Each Baby Counts cases over the last few months. We have therefore collated the following ‘top tips’ to ensure a smooth case ascertainment process and we hope these will be helpful for Lead Reporters:

  • If you have found that you had a high number of potential missing cases identified in your trust/health board that had already been reported to Each Baby Counts, try to be sure to include the relevant BadgerNet or MBRRACE IDs when reporting to help us link/match these cases more easily. This should mean that you will have less potential cases to check from us.
  • When we cross-check our Each Baby Counts data against other national data sources (BadgerNet and MBRRACE) to any potential unreported cases, we will supply the MBRRACE or BadgerNet episode ID to aid Lead Reporters in cross checking the eligibility, for information on how to find the case details using the BadgerNet episode ID Lead Reporter should refer to p13-14 of the Lead Reporter Training Manual.
  • We have produced a local template for Lead Reporters to track the eligibility of the potential cases highlighted by the MBRRACE system. You can check p6-7 of the Lead Reporter Training Manual for details on how to download the list of potential Each Baby Counts cases from MBRRACE. The Potential EBC cases from MBRRACE Log Template (Excel, 16.7 kb) for recording the results of this eligibility check is available under the documents tab on the Each Baby Counts online reporting platform.

For further information on reporting to Each Baby Counts for Lead Reporters can be found in our FAQs from Lead Reporters.

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