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University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Below is one of the case studies written by contributors to the Each Baby Counts project.

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Dr Penny McParland, EBC Lead Reporter (Consultant Obstetrician)

University Hospitals of Leicester is a tertiary referral centre covering 3 sites providing maternity services, with around 11,000 total deliveries per year. Ensuring that all eligible babies are identified and reported to Each Baby Counts is therefore potentially challenging. Our first step was to carefully read and understand the criteria for reporting. We then examined our internal reporting and computing systems to see how the babies within each of the criteria could be identified. We chose to have reporting co-ordinated through a single lead reporter who has access to the local perinatal mortality, maternity delivery, and neonatal admission databases.

From January to September 2015 we have reported 10 cases to Each Baby Counts. So far our most common referral criterion has been babies who have had therapeutic cooling. We felt that the most challenging babies to identify are those that may meet the last criterion: suffering from seizures, comatose and reduced tone (but were not cooled or diagnosed with HIE 3). The lead reporter therefore discusses any term babies reported on the neonatal database as suffering from seizures but who were not cooled with the neonatal consultant to clarify if they are eligible.

As a tertiary centre we take babies transferred in from other units for therapeutic cooling, so the introduction of a system on the Each Baby Counts database to inform the delivering unit of these babies was very useful. However we do not always receive a call or email from the delivering unit to check the details of the case, so have no way of knowing if they have gone ahead and reported the case. Further refinement of this feature of the database may help eliminate this problem in the future.

Each Baby Counts is a huge piece of work, and as a Trust we are committed to contributing our cases and learning from the results in the future.

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