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Warrington Hospital

Below is one of the case studies written by contributors to the Each Baby Counts project.

Warrington Hospital

Rita Arya, EBC Lead Reporter (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist/Labour Ward Lead)
Hulikere Satish, EBC Lead Reporter (Consultant Paediatrician)

Often when obstetricians deliver babies we are unaware of the long term sequalae in the event of prolonged resuscitation or following an obstetric emergency. This is particularly the case for trainee obstetricians who due to rotations and shift patterns of work are unable to follow up postnatal women and babies and attend multidisciplinary perinatal meetings. Most operative deliveries will be performed by trainees whether under direct or indirect supervision making this all the more important.

It is imperative for medical appraisals, regulated by the GMC, that doctors attend multidisciplinary meetings, participate in audit of their practice and reflect on outcomes. 

In the unit where I work we had a recent audit looking at all babies who required neonatal cooling and were reassured by positive long term outcomes and also by the fact that most of these babies requiring extensive neonatal resuscitation had been born following obstetric emergencies such as shoulder dystocia, ruptured uterus and massive abruptions. Hence there was some level of prediction.

Each Baby Counts is a project every obstetrician should be aware of. It is an invaluable reflection tool for every member of the RCOG. 

At a recent bereavement study day, it was apparent that bereaved parents considers Each Baby Counts to be a valuable opportunity for learning with external review. The regional special interest stillbirth group in Cheshire and Mersey are advising units obtain external midwifery and obstetric review of any case being reported to the project to share learning.

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