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Key clinical findings

Babies reported to Each Baby Counts

Final results for babies born in 2017 who were reported to Each Baby Counts.


Term babies born in the UK in 2017


Eligible babies reported


Babies fully reported and the reviews appraised by at least two reviewers as containing sufficient information for assessment.

In total, 1130 babies born in 2017 who met the eligibility criteria for Each Baby Counts were reported. There were 130 intrapartum stillbirths, and a further 150 babies were born alive following labour but died within the first 7 days after birth. There were 850 babies who met the Each Baby Counts eligibility criteria for severe brain injury.

The Each Baby Counts definition of severe brain injury is based on information available within the first 7 days after birth and it is not known how many of these babies will have a significant long-term disability as a result of the injuries sustained during birth.

This report looks at parent involvement during the local review process. From analysis of the 986 cases in 2017 that were deemed to be complete in assessing the care provided, it was found that parents were invited to contribute to the local review in 50% of cases, compared with 41% in 2016. This shows that more needs to be done to ensure that all parents are informed and given the opportunity to contribute to the local review.

Parental involvement in reviews

Parental involvement in local reviews containing sufficient information:


Invited to contribute to the review


Made aware of the review and/or informed of the outcome


No involvement in the review