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Each Baby Counts reports and project updates

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Cover thumbnail for Each Baby Counts 2020 final progress report Each Baby Counts 2020 final progress report

Read about the programme’s overall findings for EBC babies born in 2018 and a summary of the impact, learning and legacy of the EBC programme.

Each Baby Counts 2019 progress report (March 2020)

This report presents critical key findings and recommendations based on the analysis of data reported for 2017 relating to the care given to mothers and babies throughout the UK, to ensure each baby receives the safest possible care during labour.

2018 progress report (November 2018)

Key findings and recommendations based on the analysis of data from 2016

Themed report on anaesthetic care (July 2018)

Recommendations to reduce perinatal deaths and brain injuries during childbirth

Each Baby Counts 2015 full report cover thumbnailEach Baby Counts full 2015 report

Read the first full Each Baby Counts report into all stillbirths, early neonatal deaths and severe brain injuries that occurred following labour at term in 2015

Each Baby Counts: key messages 2015

Recommendations on how to improve the quality of reviews, based on early analysis of the data


Key recommendations

View all of the Each Baby Counts key recommendations across the reports in our Each Baby Counts: Key Recommendations Summary (PDF 1.2mb)




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