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Louie’s story

Louie Hemmington BuckleyMichelle Hemmington shares her son Louie’s story, in support of the Each Baby Counts project.

My son, Louie, was 9 days overdue when I went into labour on 17 May 2011. From arriving at the hospital around 9 am to when my son was born at 11.12 pm, the hospital had committed 19 separate failings resulting in his death.

These failings were admitted in a Serious Incident Report conducted by the hospital. Some of these failings included:

  • Failure to monitor fetal wellbeing
  • Failure to escalate to a consultant obstetrician when urgent review was required
  • Failure to conduct the initial resuscitation as per guidelines

In the second stage of my labour, my son had become distressed and his heart rate was deteriorating. I raised my concerns about his heart rate and also informed the midwife I was struggling to deliver my son without intervention. She allowed me to continue for an hour and 30 minutes before intervening with an episiotomy.

My son was born moments later and placed on my chest, but was then taken to a resuscitaire. We then heard medical staff shouting for help and lots of commotion. Thirty-four minutes later we were told our son had died.

My son’s cause of death was hypoxia (brain injury) due to lack of oxygen, something that could so easily have been avoided.

This is why the Each Baby Counts project is so important to me, to know that parents of the future will possibly be prevented from going through the heartache that my family and I have been through. This project is very much needed and wanted.