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What is Each Baby Counts Learn & Support?

Each Baby Counts + Learn and Support (EBC L&S) is a joint initiative between the RCOG and Royal College of Midwives (RCM).

It aims to improve maternity care by focusing on the working practices of the multidisciplinary maternity team. The programme is funded by the Department of Health and Social Care and will run until March 2022.

The project evolved from recommendations made by the RCOG’s Each Baby Counts programme, a national quality improvement programme that launched in 2015 that aimed to reduce the number of babies who die or are left severely disabled as a result of incidents occurring during term labour.

Local Development Leads

EBC L&S is working with a network and community of maternity staff, known as Local Development Leads (LDLs), from 16 NHS trusts to:

  1. Build the capacity of 16 NHS maternity professionals in clinical leadership, safety thinking and quality improvement
  2. Facilitate of a structured quality improvement process using behavioural science to improve clinical escalation in intrapartum settings
  3. Evaluate the programme’s training and development approach and the impact of the specific co-designed intervention strategies on clinical escalation.

Find details for our Programme team and Local Development Leads

The LDLs work together to co-produce, develop and test new approaches to improve the safety and quality of care that focus on behaviours, team work, safety and a positive work culture around clinical escalation


The programme will have three outputs:

  1. A final report outlining the findings from the evaluation of the EBC L&S programme as outlined in this protocol document, in terms of:
    1. the training and development of LDLs
    2. LDLs’ experiences and insights of implementation of the quality improvement process in their units, and lessons learnt from applying the behavioural approach to improving clinical escalation
  2. A refined version of the L&S programme within a digital learning platform that reflects the changes and content suggested by the evaluation in terms of the core components that enabled LDLs to complete the quality improvement work e.g. undertaking a behavioural approach, setting up a home team, safety II and clinical leadership
  3. A clinical escalation toolkit (within the digital learning platform) incorporating the intervention strategies developed and tested as part of the L&S programme to be shared with maternity teams with recommendations for successful implementation and monitoring.