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3.4 Genomics in reproductive medicine

These resources have been reviewed by a panel of consultants and trainees. Quotes have been provided by this panel.


3.4.1 Genomics and genome editing: What every reproductive medicine specialist needs to know

Video 28min lecture

The first of two presentations from the 2021 RCOG/BFS course on Subfertility and Assisted Conception. Professor Peter Braude, Chair RCOG Genomics Taskforce and Emeritus Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, King’s College London, traces the history of genomics and personalised medicine and how it has – and will – continue to transform health provision in the UK NHS, and particularly its current and future impact on reproductive medicine through Transgenerational Genomics.  

Full reference list and links for this talk (PDF 225kb)


3.4.2 Current status and role of Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT)

Video 30min webinar

An in-depth lecture from 2017 by Professor Dagan Wells (Oxford Biomedical Centre and Reprogenetics) discussing the various technologies which have been used in PGD (PGT-M) and PGS (PGT-A) including the use of NGS and karyomapping. Although some of these technologies are now less frequently-used, as genomics advances it provides a useful overview of the potential of PGT.


3.4.3 An alternative view of the usefulness of PGT-A

Video 15min lecture

Norbert Gleicher from his Center for Human Reproduction, USA explains why he believes preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy (PGT-A; formerly preimplantation screening - PGS) is harmful for poor prognosis IVF patients. Although a contentious figure with equally controversial views, he provides an alternative take on the expanding implementation of PGT-A in IVF clinics.

“Conceptually helpful to have an alternative view.”


3.4.4 Editing the Human Germline: So near yet so far

Video 36min lecture

Lifetime achievement award lecture ASRM 2018.

Professor Eli Adashi, eminent reproductive clinician scientist from Brown University USA, writes prolifically on modern reproductive genetics and its ethical implications.

Professor Adashi presents a broad overview from the introduction of genomics to reproductive medicine to its potential for modifying the human genome.

“A great wide-ranging lecture.”

Lecture begins at 2:40. Please click to view the video on Youtube:

Video thubmnail for "Editing the Human Germline"


3.4.5 Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in Reproductive Medicine

Video 35min webinar

Prof Yuval Yaron explains the broad use of NGS and its clinical impact in reproductive medicine. It includes a basic description of NGS, whole exome and genome sequencing, and touches on NIPT and carrier screening and an provides an overview of PGT.

“A good overview of sufficient depth for general clinicians.”

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