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OASI Care Bundle Project materials

Materials coming out of the Oasi Care Bundle project

Materials were developed by the OASI Care Bundle Project Team for use in the original 16 participating sites where the care bundle was implemented January 2017 – April 2018.

Some of these are now being made more widely available in response to wide-ranging requests.


Care Bundle guide

OASI Care Bundle Guide (PDF)

Monitoring sticker filling in guide (PDF)

Question sticker (PDF)


Training materials

Episiotomy angle cutter demonstrater (PDF)

OASI Reflection template (PDF)


Awareness posters

4 elements of the care bundle poster (PDF)

Communication is the key (PDF)

Different positions (PDF)

Episiotomies with instrumental births poster_updated (PDF)

MPP technique (PDF)

OASI awareness litigation (PDF)

OASI awareness rates (PDF)

OASI Case study – Amanda (PDF)

OASI Case study – Carol (PDF)

OASI Case study – Laura (PDF)


OASI resources in action