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OASI Care Bundle Update, February 2017

One month in

Project team

The first region began rolling out the OASI Care Bundle in January and have all begun training within their units. All four sites have made fantastic progress and we look forward to sharing their experiences with you.

The next region to roll out the care bundle have been informed. We will work with them over the next two months to prepare them for rolling out the training, which will begin after they attend a Skills Development Day at the RCOG on 24th April. During this initial two month period, we will support them in getting the relevant people engaged and ready for the project to begin as well as provide promotional materials to raise awareness about the project. We will continue to keep in touch with the two remaining regions before they roll out the care bundle later this year.

In focus - Monitoring change

Project team

At the end of this year, we will evaluate the project using a back-dated data extract from each unit, covering 15 months. It is therefore essential that the data we receive is complete and accurate. Please take the time to check that what you enter into your electronic records (maternity information system [MIS]) is correct and that what has been input complies with the coding of each individual field. This way, we can support your unit throughout this project to ensure that there are no adverse effects on your unit’s practice and the women cared for.

What is a FOCUS GROUP and why should I participate?

Posy Bidwell (Research Fellow, Midwife)

Focus groups are a small gathering of people (usually 6-10) brought together to discuss a particular topic. The groups are an invaluable way to understand what people think. For this reason, a focus group is the best way to understand the attitudes, feelings, beliefs, experiences and reactions of midwives and obstetricians to the OASI Care Bundle.

The OASI focus group will explore your thoughts of the care bundle, in particular: whether you have had sufficient training, whether you are comfortable using the elements of it, what are the positives/negatives and whether you have any views of how women feel about it. There will be one focus group per unit.

The discussion will take approximately 1 hour and will be facilitated by me (the OASI Research Fellow). I am a midwife and understand the time constraints on delivery suite, however, this is your opportunity to have your say. We hope that taking part in the focus group will be a rewarding experience for you. Participation in research leads to change, which ultimately improves the care that women receive.

Notices about the focus groups should be displayed around your unit. If you are interested in taking part, please see one of your local champions. I look forward to seeing you there!

Awareness - You make the difference

Gwyneth Eanor (Birth Trauma Association and Lay Member of Advisory Group)

Some time ago we asked our members what would have made the biggest difference to their experience of giving birth. Overwhelmingly women replied with the same words - Explain. Share Information. Listen to me. Respect. Communication.  Skilled and sensitive communciation with women goes to the heart of the OASI project, and, as one of the four elements of the care bundle, communcation is crucial to the successful implementation of the project.

The prospect of third and fourth degree tears can be distressing for pregnant women to think and talk about, and your approach to giving information can have a lasting impact. Taking the time to offer advice and reassurance, and making careful choices about the language you use is an important part of enabling women to make an informed decision about their care.

Every time you talk to a woman about the risk of tears and the OASI care bundle, every time you listen to her concerns or respond to her questions, represents an opportunity for you to support a woman in learning about risk, understanding her choices and feeling confident in giving her informed consent. As a clinician, every interaction you have with a women matters and by communicating with honesty, openess and compassion you can make a profound difference.