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BJOG contacts

Contact details for the BJOG team

Editorial contacts


For article or supplement proposals, CROWN, and feedback on BJOG content, please email Mike Marsh at

Editorial Office

For proposals for non-commercial supplements, article proposals, queries about mini-commentaries and BJOG Perspectives, and feedback on social media activity and website content, please email

For queries about submitting manuscripts, manuscript updates and peer review, please email


Media and PR

For queries about BJOG press releases, please email



RCOG members

For queries from RCOG Fellows and Members regarding issue receipt and online access, please email the RCOG Membership Services team.


Subscribe online via the publisher’s website.


Publishing team

Senior Journals Publishing Manager Claire Dowbekin
For queries on Wiley Blackwell publishing policy

Production Manager Angela Miguel
For queries about articles that have been accepted and are in press, or published


Other contacts


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All RCOG contacts
Contact details for key departments and services at the College
Membership support
Contact details for the RCOG’s Membership Relations team