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FAQs: BJOG becoming an online-only membership benefit

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the transition of BJOG from a print+online to an online-only benefit for UK Fellows and Members.

Why has my BJOG benefit changed?

The decision to move the BJOG benefit for UK Fellows and Members from print to online only was made to allow for further investment in the online offering from the journal. Put simply, we can offer you much more online than in print.

From a number of research initiatives, we know that many of you already prefer accessing BJOG and other journals online via your desktop computer, tablet, smartphone, and via journal apps. We also know that journal multimedia, such as video abstracts, podcasts and webinars, are used by regular readers. Content alerts via email were highlighted as an important prompt for reading journals.

We have already developed a number of these online features (see below). Moreover, you will now receive a bespoke monthly email specifically for RCOG Fellows and Members each time a new issue is available, to alert you to new content and issue highlights.

Do I get the same online as in print?

You will get more! The publishing industry is fast-changing and our journals team have been working hard with our publishing partner, Wiley, to ensure BJOG remains a competitive and leading journal in its field.

New digital products that are already available include:

Other features only available online include:

  • Online collections of articles specially prepared with Journal Club resources (discussion points and PowerPoint slides) and CPD questions
  • BJOG Perspectives – our latest series available all in one place, providing easy access to BJOG on the Case (legal perspectives), BJOG debates, BJOG since 1902 (historical perspectives), and BJOG inspired (personal perspectives)
  • Enhanced PDF version, including annotation, cross referencing and social media sharing tools
  • Articles available online ahead of print
  • Metrics to see how much an article is being shared and talked about on social media and news outlets
  • RCOG Fellows’ and Members’ access to articles from the first issue of BJOG in 1902

All of the above features are available via a brand new website which has a simple design and improved navigation whether you are accessing it on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

I’m really interested in the additional features available online – how do I access them?

There are two ways to access BJOG online:

How will I know when a new issue is available? The print issue always reminded me.

Since January 2016, we have sent all RCOG Fellows and Members an email every month when a new issue is available. This email summarises the issue highlights and features we think will be of interest to the RCOG membership, and is exclusive to RCOG Fellows and Members.

Alternatively, when you download the BJOG app you can adjust your settings to allow notifications to appear every time a new issue is available.

Can I still have a print copy if I prefer reading that way?

If you wish to continue to receive a print copy, you can do so by subscribing directly with Wiley, our publishing partner, for a fee of £60/year (2017 cost). This fee covers the cost of print and delivery of 13 issues a year. Please select the option 'Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Fellow and Member: Print Only' on the Wiley subscription page.

Why hasn’t my membership fee reduced?

We believe that Fellows and Members now have access to more BJOG content than before. We have carried out significant market research into how people are reading our journals. We have learned that many more readers are reading BJOG and other journals online rather than in print and we want to maximise the opportunities online publishing presents to give you more from BJOG. This development work requires investment and more resources to ensure the quality of the journal is not jeopardised so that it can continue to strive to be the leading journal in O&G.

Through wider market research projects, the RCOG is aware of the need to invest in other online development projects such as eLearning. Any saving made from no longer distributing BJOG in print allows the RCOG to not only invest in online BJOG to offer more, but ensures it can commit to being a digital-first organisation to allow all members, wherever they are in the world, to access the full range of services we offer.

What about other RCOG print publications such as TOG and O&G Magazine?

TOG has recently been reviewed to ensure that it remains fit for purpose for RCOG Fellows, Members and Trainees. As part of this project, we carried out similar research to that we did for BJOG. The results indicated that there was a much higher use of the print version of TOG than we found for BJOG, but also a low awareness of what TOG offers online. As a result, the RCOG believes the move from print to online for Fellows and Members is right for BJOG, but not for TOG at the moment. TOG will, however, benefit from some of the online development work detailed in previous questions.

O&G Magazine will likewise continue to be provided in print to eligible members.

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