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FAQs: Sale of BJOG to Wiley

Below are answers to queries from RCOG members regarding the sale of BJOG to Wiley, announced on 4 August 2020.

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How and when was the decision to sell BJOG reached?

Discussions around the future relationship between the College and BJOG have been taking place since early 2018. Throughout 2018/19 there was significant discussion among Council and the Board of Trustees about the various options open to the College, informed by a task and finish group whose membership included Council representatives and Editorial Board members. In June 2019, Council took a vote and agreed that a sale was in the best interests of both the journal and the College. In July 2019, Board of Trustees approved this decision and instructed the Executive Team to explore a sale.

Why has the College sold BJOG?

The College’s decision was based on the rationale that the future of BJOG would be better secured if the journal were owned by a global academic publisher. Changes to the academic publishing industry, specifically the growth of open access and open science models, means BJOG needs to adapt in order to continue to be a leading O&G journal. A large specialist academic publisher is best placed to manage this transition.

Will there be any ongoing relationship between the College and BJOG?

Yes, we are entering into a formal affiliation agreement with Wiley to ensure an ongoing relationship. Members will continue to receive access to BJOG online as part of their membership benefit. There are also provisions in the agreement to allow the College and our members to provide feedback on the journal to inform future strategic developments and for the College to be involved in editorial recruitment.

What does this mean for my membership benefit?

Your membership access to BJOG remains unchanged and you will continue to access BJOG as normal, via the College website.

What does this mean for me as a BJOG author?

You can continue to submit papers to BJOG as normal – there is no change to the process.

Will BJOG change?

No – the aims and scope of BJOG, and the editorial leadership, remain unchanged, and BJOG will continue to operate as a ‘hybrid’ journal with a subscription model accompanied by an open access option for those who require it. There are no current plans to turn BJOG into a fully open access journal. Wiley’s interest in the journal is a mark of the high quality and impact of BJOG and, while there will undoubtedly be changes over time in relation to changes in the academic publishing landscape, Wiley are committed to BJOG continuing to publish the highest quality global research in women’s health.