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The RCOG produces guidelines as an aid to good clinical practice. Our guidelines present recognised methods and techniques for clinical practice, based on published evidence, for consideration by obstetricians/gynaecologists and other relevant health professionals. Find out more about the different types of guideline we publish.

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The Role of Natural Killer Cells in Human Fertility (Scientific Impact Paper No. 53)
In this Scientific Impact Paper, the data relating to NK cell function will be reviewed and recommendations made regarding the measurement of NK cells in women with reproductive failure.
Published 28/11/2016
Ultrasound from Conception to 10+0 Weeks of Gestation (Scientific Impact Paper No. 49)
This paper addresses the issues of ultrasound in the embryonic period. It will consider both medical and non-medical use of the commonly used ultrasound modes in the embryonic stage of human development (up to 10 weeks of gestation). 
Published 13/03/2015
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking (Scientific Impact Paper No. 2)
This paper provides advice on various issues related to cord blood banking, including the science, clinical use, safety and legal issues.
Published 01/06/2006
Vaccination Against Cervical Cancer (Scientific Impact Paper No. 9)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived. Please refer to the Department of Health for up-to-date information.
Published 20/11/2009
Vitamin D in Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper No.43)
This paper investigates the effects of vitamin D on the placento-fetal unit and the mother.
Published 26/06/2014
Vitamin Supplementation in Pregnancy (Scientific Impact Paper No. 16)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived.
Published 19/10/2009
Antithrombotics in the Prevention of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, The Use of (Scientific Impact Paper No. 26)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived.
Published 24/06/2011
Reproductive Trends and Assisted Reproduction Technologies (Scientific Impact Paper No. 11)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived.
Published 01/06/2008
Fetal Scalp Lactate as an Alternative to Scalp pH, Is it Time for UK Obstetricians to Accept (Scientific Impact Paper No. 47)
This Scientific Impact Paper has been archived.
Published 28/01/2015