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Haematological cancers: Improving outcomes (NG47)

Published: 25/05/2016

This guideline is an update of the NICE cancer service guidance on improving outcomes in haematological cancers (CSG3) published October 2003. The update covers both laboratory diagnosis and clinical management.

Laboratory recommendations for Specialised Integrated Haematological Malignancy Diagnostic Services (SIHMDS) provide a framework for quality systems to bring together current and future diagnostic technologies into a single integrated report. The recommendations in the updated guideline will assure the prompt delivery of diagnostic results in accordance with the WHO classification for patients of all ages.

Clinical recommendations are focused on the care of adults and young people undergoing high-intensity chemotherapy for haematological cancers, including provision of isolation facilities and staffing requirements for inpatient care. The guideline also introduces the option of ambulatory care pathways, where carefully selected patients receiving high-intensity chemotherapy can be treated as outpatients provided there are systems for rapid assessment and admission to the specialist unit should their condition change.