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Targeted Therapies for the Management of Ovarian Cancer (Scientific Impact Paper No. 12)

Published: 06/09/2013

This is the second edition of this Scientific Impact Paper, which was originally published in 2008 under the same title.

In the UK each year, ovarian cancer is diagnosed in over 6500 women and causes approximately 4400 deaths. Many women present with advanced disease with little prospect of cure. The 5-year survival rate for advanced ovarian cancer between 2005 and 2009 was 43%.

The current standard of care consists of the combination of radical surgery and platinum-based chemotherapy. Although key advances in surgical and chemotherapeutic strategies have led to small improvements in outcome, there still remains a significant risk of recurrence and resistance to therapy and a need to improve current treatment options.

This paper discusses the various available treatment options and areas where further research is needed.