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Access your RCOG account


If you’ve forgotten your password, please reset your password.


I forgot my password

Reset your password here

I forgot my login email address

Contact us providing your RCOG number

I don't know if I have an account

Contact us providing your details

I need an account, and I don't already have one

If you have never had an account with us, you can create one using our registration form


If you are having other technical problems, please contact us and provide these details:

  1. Your RCOG number
  2. Your registered email address
  3. Details of the problem
  4. Screenshots of what you’re seeing



No login details?

If you have an RCOG number, have taken an exam or booked an event with us, you have an RCOG account.

First, try using your email address to reset your password.

If you can't reset your password, contact us at and provide your RCOG account number and registered email address(es), so we can help find your account.