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Verify your email address

Please verify your email address to reset your password.


Please note this stage is case-sensitive. Your email address must match exactly what we have in our records.

There was a problem with your request

There was a problem verifying your password change request. If you continue to experience difficulties please contact the RCOG team.


The verify stage above is case-sensitive. The most likely cause of errors is that your email address does not match the exact way it is recorded in our systems.

If you cannot remember exactly, please try the following:

- Try your email address with an upper-case (capital) letter at the start, e.g.

- Try your email address in all lower-case letters, e.g.



1. When you successfully reset your password, you will be sent an email with an automatically generated password.

2. Please be patient. This automatic email may take some time to arrive.

3. Please copy and paste this password when logging in. Do not type it, because it may have symbols/characters not used on the keyboard.

If you are still having problems, please contact us with a screenshot and a description of the problem.

We do not have access to passwords, so please do not share your password with anyone.