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Access to accurate education and information

Girls and women should feel confident to seek advice and talk about common health problems.

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This chapter considers how embarrassment, stigma, fear of pain and a lack of accessible information stop women from talking about their health and seeking support.

We highlight the importance of education at school. We consider how information for all women, including those in marginalised communities, and for clinicians can be improved.

The report tackles the silence, stigma and shame that are apparent throughout women's lives. These exist from a girl’s first period through to her menopausal years.

We make the case for robust education from a young age and improved accessible information in a variety of formats. This will help women to take control of their own health, make positive health choices, better understand their bodies, and feel confident.

Key recommendations


All young people should be educated from an early age about women’s health.

NHS website

The NHS website should become the world’s best source of information for girls, women and clinicians.

Access to information

To reduce health inequalities, all women should have access to and be provided with the information that they need to stay healthy.

Read more about these key recommendations, or download the chapter and full report below.


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Download the chapter:
Access to accurate education and information (PDF 1.9mb)

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Download the full report: Better for women (PDF 5.6mb)


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