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Joint RCOG/RCM statement on multi-disciplinary working and continuity of carer

News 13 April 2016

The RCOG President Dr David Richmond is speaking at a maternity care conference today entitled ‘Celebrating Continuity - Rhetoric into Reality, Policy into Practice’. To coincide with this event, the RCOG and the RCM have published a joint statement on the importance of multidisciplinary working and continuity of carer

“The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and the Royal College of Midwives have welcomed the publication of the National Maternity Review, with its focus on putting women at the centre of care and its recognition of the need to support staff to do this.

“Multi-professional working and learning are dominant themes throughout and the report challenges midwives and obstetricians to train and work in multi-professional teams to ensure women receive a high quality and safe service. The rapid referral protocols recommended by the report will enable women to be easily referred if at any point in their pregnancy, birth or postnatal period they need specialist help.

“The RCOG and RCM both recognise this as a vital element of safe care, as is the recognition that for multi-professional working to be truly effective it needs to take place within positive and supportive workplace cultures.  The RCOG and RCM strongly support the recommendations on continuity of carer, which is known to increase women’s satisfaction with their care and to ensure better outcomes are achieved. We know that too many women still receive care that is often fragmented. The report is clear that this has to change but is also realistic in its recognition that maternity services need to be well staffed if continuity of carer is to become a reality.”

Dr David Richmond, President, Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists          

Lesley Page, President, Royal College of Midwives