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Launch of the RCOG single curriculum

News 1 August 2013

From 1 August 2013 the RCOG is moving all trainees, except those in their final year of training or those already in subspecialist training, to a single version of the core curriculum.

This follows on from the General Medical Council (GMC) stipulating that all specialties should move trainees to a single version of their curriculum by December 2015.

Following an extensive review of the core curriculum in O&G, a number of competences that previously had to be achieved in the final 2 years of the curriculum have been moved forward to the intermediate and basic training years. Basic ultrasound modules now have to be completed by the end of ST3 rather than the end of ST5. All these changes have been approved by the GMC.

The new 2013 curriculum also requires trainees to record their progress/assessment using the ePortfolio.

To ensure that current trainees can plan their training over the transition period, it is important that trainees and Educational Supervisors meet to discuss progress as soon as possible after 1 August 2013.

For further information please visit the core curriculum pages of the RCOG website.