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O&G: the RCOG’s membership magazine

O&G is the membership magazine of the RCOG. Its aim is to keep our members and trainees up to date in the latest developments in women’s healthcare.

The focus of O&G is to raise awareness and tackle workforce issues as well as providing support resources and information to aid your daily practice and ongoing professional development.


Highlights from the Summer 2018 issue

Working together to improve maternity services (PDF)

Despite UK maternity service safety having improved dramatically in the last 30 years, there is still lots to be done. O&G magazine speaks to Michele Upton, Head of Maternity and Neonatal Transformation Programmes at NHS Improvement, and Matthew Jolly, National Clinical Director for Maternity and Women’s Health at NHS England, about the programmes in place to improve maternity safety.

Our move to Union Street (PDF)

The development of the RCOG’s new headquarters in Union Street near London Bridge are well under way. Here’s the vision for our new home.

Retaining our workforce (PDF)

When a survey revealed 75% of O&G trainees had thought about leaving the specialty training programme, it was time to take action. O&G magazine speaks to Jo Mountfield and Heidi Stelling about the steps being taken to support trainees.                      

Supporting new consultants (PDF)

Making the change to becoming a consultant can be a difficult. In this article, we learn how Sabrina o’Dwyer and Ted Adams managed this transition by looking to colleagues for support, and are now setting up similar networks for new consultants.


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RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates can read all of these articles and more in the full O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. Please sign into the site to access the link below.

O&G Magazine Summer 2018



Highlights from the Spring 2018 issue

Supporting our doctors (PDF)

How the RCOG is helping employers and doctors to manage complaints more effectively. O&G magazine talks to Professor Tom Bourne, Mr Christopher Lees and Dr Alison Wright about the work of the Supporting Our Doctors Task Group.

In areas of conflict, all essential health services fall down (PDF)

Dr Fawzia Hossain addressed our International Women’s Day event in March, talking about her work with Rohingya refugees. O&G magazine caught up with her to find out more.

Sexual harassment (PDF)

The #MeToo movement has shone a spotlight on sexual harassment in the workplace and the medical profession is not exempt. We examine the role of the RCOG and the steps being taken by the College.

Maternity Voices Partnerships (PDF)

Maternity Voices Partnerships are key to implementing the recommendations in Better Births. O&G magazine talks to Lisa Ramsey and Florence Wilcock about how MVPs can review, contribute and co-design local maternity care.

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RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates can read all of these articles and more in the full Spring 2018 O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. Please sign into the site to access the link below.




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