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O&G: the RCOG’s membership magazine

O&G magazine was refreshed and relaunched in June 2016 with new features, more engaging content and the latest discussion on key topics within women’s healthcare.

O&G is the membership magazine of the RCOG. It keeps Fellows, Members and Trainees up to date on news and discussions, the work of O&G trainees and specialists from around the world as well as RCOG support resources to aid daily practice and professional development.

Highlights from the Spring 2017 issue

O&G Spring 2017: Brave new world
Brave new world [PDF]

Far from being a futuristic discipline, medicine in space is a growing specialty with implications for all women. We speak to trainee Varsha Jain about her work with NASA and ‘space gynaecology’.

O&G Spring 2017: Maternity Transformation Programme
Maternity Transformation Programme [PDF]

Following the publication of Better Births in February 2016, the Maternity Transformation Programme was established to implement its recommendations. We take a look at how the programme works, how the RCOG are involved and the different work streams.

O&G Spring 2017: How can the RCOG support its doctors
How can the RCOG support its doctors? [PDF]

It is now likely that all doctors will face at least one formal complaint in their working life, with potentially devastating consequences. O&G magazine examines how we can work together to address workplace challenges

Latest O&G issue item 4
Abortion care: Our responsibility [PDF]

With over 200,000 women in England, Scotland and Wales having an abortion each year, O&G magazine looks at the key issues in abortion care.

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RCOG Fellows, Members, registered Trainees and Associates can read all of these articles and more in the full Spring 2017 O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. Please sign into the site to access the link below.

Highlights from the Winter 2016 issue

Solving the rota gap

  • O&G magazine examines the single biggest issue (PDF, 947 kb) facing the profession. Why do they exist and what we can do to combat them in practice?

Appraisal and revalidation

Patient consent

  • The impact of the Montgomery ruling (2015) has significant implications for doctor-patient communications, information sharing and informed consent. Find out more about the implications (PDF, 131 kb), the College’s role and the next steps in O&G magazine.

Returning with learning

  • O&G magazine talks to Ahmed El Garhy (PDF, 342 kb) about his experiences as part of the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) programme from 2014-2016 before returning to his native Egypt.

Previous issues

RCOG Fellows, Members and registered Trainees can read previous issues of O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. You need to be signed into the site to access the magazine.

O&G magazine was formerly called Membership Matters. It was refreshed and relaunched in May 2014.

RCOG Fellows, Members and registered Trainees can read previous issues of Membership Matters as part of their membership benefits. You need to be signed into the site to access the magazine.

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