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O&G: the RCOG’s membership magazine

O&G is the membership magazine of the RCOG

Its aim is to keep our members and trainees up to date in the latest developments in women's healthcare.

The focus of O&G is to raise awareness and tackle workforce issues, as well as to provide support resources and information to aid your daily practice and ongoing professional development.


Highlights from the Summer 2019 issue

Meet your President Elect thumbnail

Meet your President Elect (PDF 508kb)

In June 2019, Dr Eddie Morris became the first person to be elected President of the RCOG by the wider membership of the College. In this interview in O&G Magazine, Eddie discusses his ideas and aspirations for the College.

Knowledge is power? thumbnail

Knowledge is power (PDF 940kb)

With access to an unprecedented amount of healthcare information, how do healthcare professionals and the public sort fact from fiction? In this issue we highlight the work that the RCOG is doing with NHS Digital via the Women’s Health Taskforce.

Using the new curriculum thumbnail

Using the new curriculum (PDF 948kb)

In 2019 the new curriculum launched, with a stronger emphasis on non-technical skills, patient safety and the patient experience. This article provides a guide to help O&G doctors through the transition.

Inside investigations thumbnail

Inside investigations (PDF 463kb)

The Healthcare Safety Investigations Branch (HSIB) wants to reassure O&G professionals about the process of maternity investigations. In this issue with speak with Jimmy Walker, the HSIB’s clinical director of maternity investigation.

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RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates can read all of these articles and more in the full O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. Please sign into the site to access the link below.

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Highlights from the Spring 2019 issue

Women’s Health Strategy and interview with Jackie-Doyle Price MP (PDF)

In 2018 the RCOG announced it was creating a national Women's Health Strategy to significantly improve the health of women and girls across the country. O&G magazine looks at why we need this and how it’s going to be achieved.

Key to creating this strategy will be the Women’s Health Taskforce, a group chaired by RCOG President Lesley Regan and the Mental Health and Inequalities Minister Jackie Doyle-Price.

In this interview with Jackie Doyle-Price MP, she discusses her passion for giving women a better, more sensitive service in healthcare.

Introducing the new O&G Curriculum (PDF)

The RCOG is bringing in a new Obstetrics and Gynaecology curriculum in 2019 – the first significant update since its introduction in 2007.

To support this, a new Training ePortfolio has been developed to help deliver the new Curriculum.

The RCOG turns 90: Celebrating 90 years of transforming women’s health (PDF)

As we continue to celebrate the RCOG’s 90th anniversary year and another momentous chapter in our history, in this issue we highlight the College’s landmark achievements spanning nine decades.

Maternal mental health – the future in mind (PDF)

2 years ago, RCOG research highlighted a lack of provision for maternal mental health services, but since then the picture has improved for women and their families.

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RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates can read all of these articles and more in the full O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. Please sign into the site to access the link above.


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RCOG Fellows, Members and registered Trainees can read previous issues of O&G magazine as part of their membership benefits. You need to be signed into the site to access these issues below.



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