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A letter from Sussex Place, December 2011

Ian Currie, Honorary Secretary, writes:

...this is the time of year when we often take a moment to reflect on our private and professional careers. A time when we sit down and plan for the next twelve months and beyond; a sort of personal development plan.

As 2011 draws to a close we can look back on personal achievements, think about our own personal goals and plan for the future in 2012.

The College has its own strategy. A strategy that involves both a national and international agenda and depends massively on its Members and Fellows for its productivity. Large amounts of time are given voluntarily and without question.

When we look back on what has been achieved, particularly in the pivotal area of education and training, it is quite staggering how much work is involved to reach those high standards that the College has set previously. Numerous guidelines and consensus statements are produced that shape the way we practice Obstetrics and Gynaecology. All of this could not be achieved without the commitment and drive of individuals that feel passionate about giving something to the specialty above and beyond simply caring for ones own patients.

As part of development we also need to change occasionally. Many of us including myself find change management a difficult concept to grasp. Holding on to what we have got is something we all recognise in ourselves, but if we are to move forward we need to embrace change whilst making sure we retain the values and history that have gone before.

The College is currently undergoing a ‘Space’ review which is essentially looking at the internal structure and fabric of the building at Sussex place and how it can be best altered to serve the needs of its staff as well as the membership. 

Having greater communication with its specialist societies I think will need to be at the forefront of our thoughts. Many of us specialise in areas of our discipline and find ourselves looking towards these niche areas for advice and guidance. Embracing the specialist societies and helping them to develop will, I believe, make the College and the Societies much stronger.

The College both in its structure and financially needs to be fit for purpose in a world that is rapidly changing. That change however has to be measured. What has gone previously has brought the College to where it is today - a College that is respected throughout the world, not only within Obstetrics and Gynaecology but also within other specialties in medicine.

I am sure you will all want to recognise the work carried out by over 150 College staff that enable it to run smoothly and efficiently. They work behind the scenes and are thoroughly professional in the way they support us.

As we move into a festive season for some I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

Ian Currie
RCOG Honorary Secretary

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