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Officers' update, July 2015

Dr Clare McKenzie, Vice President for Education, writes...

It has been a very busy time at RCOG. As you will be aware the RCOG Council has recommended change to the process for election of the position of President, and the President is arranging a series of meetings for Fellows and Members to seek your opinions. I would encourage you to put forward your views as it is important that we hear from all of our members.

Within education, it has also been busy. As part of the RCOG’s ongoing promotion of lifelong learning, the responsibility for developing CPD has moved to the Education Directorate and a new committee has been established - the Professional Development Committee. The aim is to develop a new CPD programme and is one of the practical actions being taken forward following the publication of Becoming Tomorrow’s Specialist Report. Whilst the current programme has worked well, there is scope to improve the relevance of CPD to correlate to our day-to-day activity in relation to both patient care and professional skills.

Following requests from international Fellows and Members, the development of advanced training, to be undertaken overseas, is well underway. A number of countries will be working closely with the Education Directorate as part of a pilot to introduce this type of training for maternal medicine and early pregnancy management. This has been supported by a significant investment in elearning material, which will ensure that RCOG education is truly global.

Lastly, as you will know, the College has established the 'Safer Women's Healthcare' project which has several work streams – the objective of the proposed report is to examine different workforce models to ensure that all units, big and small, urban or rural, have the appropriate staffing structures to provide high quality care. This report is due to be published in 2016 and it will be the RCOG's key policy document about the configuration of gold standard services. I would like to hear from you - if you have examples of good practice or case studies on the management of high performing units or units working within networks, please could you email these to my colleague Suzie Boyd, Projects Manager.