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RCOG release: New framework recognises importance of educators in delivering high-quality teaching and patient care

News 10 October 2014

Educators within obstetrics and gynaecology are to be formally recognised and supported with the launch of a new framework today by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), which will help ensure the delivery of high-quality teaching and patient care.

The new Faculty Development framework is for all O&G doctors who are engaged in training and is designed to recognise the contributions and enhance the career prospects of those involved in educational activity.

The RCOG believes that high-quality teaching is fundamental to patient care and is committed to the development of O&G doctors trained to the highest standards.

The General Medical Council (GMC) has established a UK-wide scheme to formally recognise and strengthen the role of trainers in secondary care settings. It is intended that all trainers will be accredited by 2016. The RCOG Faculty Development framework has been developed to help O&G trainers in the accreditation process.

The new framework consists of four tiers to reflect the roles and responsibilities of individuals involved in educating O&G doctors.

  • Tier one is for those who are developing an interest in education and consists of all pre-MRCOG trainees.
  • Tier two is for those who deliver education in the workplace and consists of Fellows and Members.
  • Tier three is for those developing and delivering education at a local and regional setting.
  • Tier four is for those developing and delivering education at a national and international level.

Educators will have access to resources and opportunities that will help them develop in their tier, and have a better understanding of the different RCOG educational roles. Development opportunities include teaching on a RCOG course, organising a course, writing/reviewing eLearning content, and sitting on RCOG educational committees.

Moreover, Fellows, Members and Trainees will have explicit recognition of their faculty tier status that can be used for GMC trainer recognition, revalidation, continuing professional development (CPD) and NHS appraisals.

Dr Jane MacDougall FRCOG, RCOG Faculty Development Lead said:

“This new framework formally recognises the importance of training and education. It is deliberately designed to capture the vast number of Fellows, Members and Trainees because everyone is involved to a greater or lesser extent in training.

“It should lead to better trainers and educators as it will help College committees involved in education identify and provide development activities that can then be approved by the Educational Quality Assurance Committee. The RCOG's standards for trainers will also be made much more explicit.

“As the Faculty Development Lead, I will be seeking views and input from all those involved in education and training, whether it is about what courses are needed for career development or what professional opportunities the College can offer in terms of honorary involvement.”

Dr Clare McKenzie, RCOG Vice President, Education, said:

“The framework will lead to better educators and trainers and build a community or faculty of educators in the long-term. There is no doubt that better trainers lead to better trained and safer doctors, providing the best possible care to their patients.

“The framework will help trainees starting out in their careers as it creates a clear pathway for them to develop. It will also help Members and Fellows as it provides formal recognition for their educational roles and outlines future development opportunities.

“Furthermore, it will also enable the College to have a better overview of who is participating in educational activity and at what level. This improves the understanding of what resources need to be developed to support trainers.”


For further information, please contact the RCOG Media and PR team on +44 20 7772 6300 or email

More information about the framework can be found on the Faculty development framework page.