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RCOG response to BMJ opinion piece on maternity communication

News 13 February 2018

An opinion piece published in The BMJ discusses the importance of language as a way of respecting women's views and ensuring that they are empowered to make decisions around their pregnancy and birth.

Commenting in response, Mr Edward Morris, Vice President for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), said:

“This opinion piece highlights the importance of creating a culture of respect and privacy for women during pregnancy, labour and after birth. It is essential that healthcare professionals ensure women feel like they are in control of and involved in what is happening to them, and supported in their choices around birth.

“The RCOG welcomes this recognition and seeks to follow these principals in our own guidance to ensure that women are at the centre of their own care. Through our work with the Women’s Network, the College actively engages with women around the creation of guidelines and information to better understand how to effectively and respectively communicate with women. It is important that all healthcare professionals are aware of this change in dialogue as good maternity communication can significantly improve a woman’s birthing experience and postnatal health.”



The RCOG champions the best in women’s health care and supports doctors so that they’re equipped to do the best job possible for women. The RCOG Women’s Network aims to make sure that women are at the heart of everything the College does. For more information, visit the Women's Network.