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RCOG statement on Miscarriage Association’s ‘Partners Too’ campaign

News 21 July 2014

The Miscarriage Association is today launching a public awareness campaign, ‘Partners Too’, to highlight the issue of the partners of women who miscarry and direct those affected to sources of help and information.

New findings from University College London (UCL) and the Miscarriage Association indicate that the partners of women who miscarry often feel ignored and unable to talk about their own feelings of loss and pain.

UCL researchers carried out in-depth interviews with partners and found that 58% struggled to concentrate, 47% reported sleep problems, and 48% said it affected their work. 46% of partners didn’t share all of how they were feeling with their wife or girlfriend for fear of saying the wrong thing or causing her further distress. 22% didn’t talk about any feelings of loss and pain with their partner. Moreover, the survey looked at information and support post miscarriage.

Professor Lesley Regan, Vice President for Strategic Development at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) welcomes this awareness campaign:

“Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy can be a devastating loss for parents and their families. These survey results reveal the true impact the loss of a baby has on the partners of women and it’s really important that we do not overlook the partners distress and grief reaction.

“Both parents need to be supported fully through the physical and emotional process. Making sense of what has happened can take time and it is a deeply personal experience that affects everyone differently.

“Following the miscarriage women and their partners should be offered a follow-up appointment with a member of the healthcare team. Many couples find talking helps and they should be directed to other sources of support and counselling.”


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