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Lesley Regan

Below is Professor Lesley Regan’s statement for the 2016 Presidential election. Professor Regan was elected the next RCOG President on 21 May 2016, and will take up office in September 2016.

Our College is facing exceptional challenges and the chance to make a real difference to women’s health. To respond effectively, your next President will need to demonstrate vision, leadership and an ability to deliver.


I want our College to be seen to be the world leader for women’s health and wellbeing. Specifically, the leader in

  • shaping training in our specialty
  • driving clinical quality
  • influencing women’s health policy.

I want policymakers, professionals, the press and the public to regard the RCOG as their first port of call.

We are all concerned about the future of our NHS. We must ensure high quality maternity and gynaecology services and continue to support our junior doctors in training. The disparity between government and public expectations versus financial reality will not be resolved overnight. However, austerity also offers opportunities for innovation and more effective use of existing resources. The RCOG is well placed to seize the initiative and identify practical solutions.

Strong Leadership

The College needs someone who can speak out for our specialty and the women we serve. To paraphrase Marmot, most healthcare is failed prevention and if pregnancy is the healthcare opportunity of two lifetimes, we must fight for the resources to make the preventative agenda a reality.

Our College will need someone who can speak the truth in terms that will persuade people to listen. Having written detailed books for patients on Pregnancy and Miscarriage and presented two BBC series of Horizon documentaries, I have demonstrated that I am an effective public communicator.

As Head of O&G at St. Mary’s for 20 years, I have overseen large research and clinical budgets while maintaining my clinical practice. However, leaders are only as good as the people around them, and I know how to select and nurture high performing teams.


The curriculum I developed as Chair of FIGO’s Reproductive Rights Committee is now embedded in teaching programmes globally. My contributions to clinical care, research, teaching and leadership are well known. Perhaps less well known is my support of colleagues in difficulty, experience as an NHS Trust non-executive director, membership of HFEA and Chairmanship of NCEPOD, where I have worked to improve services and patient safety.

Since becoming VP and Chair of F&GPC, I have acquired a detailed knowledge of College finances, administration and estates: we are moving forward positively. I have secured new funding streams to undertake transformational projects. The Leading Safe Choices 3 year pilot has brought in $10million, the largest grant ever managed by College. With an expert operations team in place, my role is providing strategic leadership (and opening doors), as we expand our activities over the next decade. I would use this model to strengthen our future success at attracting funding.

I have a track record for getting things done.

My credentials are clinical, academic, political and media experience, extensive networks and my reputation as an energetic champion for women’s health. I would like to put them at the disposal of our College as your President.

Lesley Regan, March 2016

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