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Leading Colleges launch joint campaign to tackle domestic violence in pandemic

25 November 2020

Leading Colleges including RCOG have launched a campaign aimed at encouraging healthcare professionals to work collaboratively and tackle domestic violence towards women and girls.

BBC investigates concerns over private ‘souvenir’ scans

19 November 2020

A BBC News Investigation has looked into failures in the diagnosis of serious medical issues during private baby scans.

New research suggests caffeine raises stillbirth risk in pregnancy

18 November 2020

Tommy’s Maternal and Fetal Health Research Centre has released a new study suggesting caffeine raises the risk of stillbirth in pregnancy.

RCM survey shows fears for maternity after staff shortages hit morale

16 November 2020

A new survey by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has found that the safety of maternity services is under serious threat.

RCOG welcomes audit report on ovarian cancer

12 November 2020

The RCOG is welcoming the latest findings on the variation in ovarian cancer treatment across England.

RCOG responds to study of newborn babies and Covid-19

10 November 2020

A new study has found the risk of severe Covid-19 infection for newborn babies is low.

Postponement of Part 3 MRCOG exam

30 October 2020

The College has taken the extremely difficult decision to postpone the November Part 3 MRCOG exams until further notice following recent news and research suggesting that the COVID-19 infection rate is increasing exponentially in many parts of the

RCOG responds to study by Oxford University linking HRT to breast cancer

30 October 2020

A new study published by The BMJ suggests new estimates of the risks of breast cancer associated with use of different hormone replacement therapy (HRT) preparations in the UK.  

RCOG responds to study that stillbirth risk higher in mothers with high stress

29 October 2020

The RCOG has responded to a study by Tommy's Manchester Research Centre that shows women from the most deprived socio-economic group were at almost triple the risk of stillbirth than those at the other end of the scale.

RCOG responds to APPG report into endometriosis

19 October 2020

The All-Party Political Group (APPG) has today published the findings of its inquiry into endometriosis.

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