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Animation videos

The 2 animations below were produced by the Fertility Education Initiative (FEI), chaired by Professor Adam Balen.

The FEI is a multi-organisation collaboration which includes the British Fertility Society (BFS), the RCOG and the FSRH, amongst many others.

They were written by Grace Dugdale, with contributions by Adam Balen, and draw on some of the research on fertility awareness amongst teenagers by Jacky Boivin.

More information can be found on the FEI microsite at


Your fertility matters

"Your Fertility Matters" outlines the basics of natural fertility and factors that can affect reproductive health in men and women.

It is aimed primarily at 16-18 year olds, but is relevant to all ages.


Fertility Technologies Shaping Modern Families

"Fertility Technologies Shaping Modern Families" illustrates fertility treatments and how they can assist both those with fertility problems or disability, and those who require technology to create a family because of sexuality or gender identity.