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Welcome to our fertility information pages

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Find reliable resources and evidence to help you and inform your conversations with healthcare professionals.

Learn about conception, fertility tests, support for the emotional impact of fertility problems, and other topics too.


With thanks to all our partners and contributors who have been involved in the development of these pages:

  • Association of British Andrologists
  • Association of Clinical Embryologists
  • British Andrology Society
  • British Fertility Society
  • British Infertility Counsellors Association
  • Fertility Network UK
  • Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority
  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Senior Infertility Nurses Group
  • RCOG Women’s Network and Women’s Voices Involvement Panel


Our Fertility information pages are supported, and have been partly funded, by the Merck Group. All content has been independently developed by the RCOG and partners listed above.

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