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Vulval cancer

Information for women, their partners and families about vulval cancer. 

About vulval cancer

Vulval cancer is a rare cancer that affects the external female sex organs. It most commonly starts on the inner edges of the two pairs of lips of the vulva, the inner and outer labia. It can also occur on the skin between the lips, including the clitoris, and the skin between the vulva and the anus.

The links below provide more information about vulval cancer:

  • Cancer Research UK
    Includes information about diagnosing, treating and living with vulval cancer
  • The Eve Appeal
    Includes the key messages, the early signs and symptoms of vulval cancer and actions that may reduce the risk of developing vulval cancer
  • Macmillan
    Help and support for people affected by vulval cancer
  • NHS
    Includes information about causes, diagnosis and treatment of vulval cancer

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