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Full information for applicants

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the RCOG Women's Network

This information is designed to help you make a decision about whether applying to join would be right for you.

About the RCOG

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) works to improve health care for O&G service users, by setting standards for clinical practice, providing doctors with training and lifelong learning, and advocating for their health care.

The RCOG believes that by engaging with people who use O&G services, understanding their health experiences and involving them in our work, we can learn and improve the care that doctors provide.


About the Women's Network

The Women's Network aims to make sure that service users are at the heart of everything the RCOG does.

As a committee, it informs the College about issues affecting people during pregnancy, labour and birth, about fertility and gynaecological conditions, through to the menopause and beyond.

The Network’s role is crucial within RCOG activities to bring insight to inform its work around education and training, developing clinical standards, auditing and reviewing services, and influencing policy.


Joining the Women's Network

The Women's Network is currently looking to recruit a new lay member to begin tenure in September 2019, with their first Women’s Network meeting on Thursday 26 September 2019 in London.

The Network is made up of 14 lay individuals from across the UK, who have personal experience of obstetric and/or gynaecological services.

4 clinical members (O&G doctors) also sit on the Network.

Members serve a term of 3 years, with the option of 1 additional term thereafter if they choose.

Being a member of the Network is a voluntary role with travel expenses provided as well as accommodation, where necessary.


Commitment and role

Membership of the Network requires commitment of around 2 separate weekdays, every 3 months (ie. 8 days a year), to come together in London for a Network meeting and other meetings related to committees or working groups that members become involved with.

New members will be expected to represent the Network on one of the College committees relating to the following areas of the RCOG’s work:

Network members must have the confidence and skills to actively contribute their views and expertise during meetings and between meetings via email.

Professional experience of a healthcare setting is not required, as the purpose of members is to provide the perspective of the service user.

However, due to the nature of the College’s work, some understanding of education and training, standards and guidance or audit and quality improvement, can be beneficial.

It is crucial that members have the ability to take an objective and balanced view of a wide variety of issues relating to the care of those who use obstetrics and gynaecology services.



Being a member of the Network is a significant voluntary commitment, and can be challenging but very rewarding.

You will be supported by the Women’s Voices Lead (Chair of the Women’s Network), the Network’s Vice Chairs, your peers on the Network, and by the College’s patient and public involvement team.


Equality and diversity

The RCOG recognises the value of equality and diversity within its activities.

Within the membership of the Women’s Network, it is important that the broad demographic and characteristic differences of the UK population are represented as much as possible, as well as members from different geographical locations.

On this occasion, the Network is particularly welcoming applicants from Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

In order to facilitate involvement of a broad cross-section of individuals, where necessary, reasonable adjustments will be made to ensure this is possible.


How we process applications

All submitted application documentation will be handled confidentially.

On receipt of applications, equal opportunities monitoring forms will be separated from application forms and will not be used to inform the shortlisting process.

The information you provide will be used only for the purposes of providing statistics for equal opportunities monitoring; to gain oversight of the diversity of candidates applying and inform future recruitment strategies.

Once recruitment has been completed, all documentation submitted by unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed.


FAQs about Women's Network membership

You may find the FAQs about Women's Network membership useful before deciding to apply to become a member.


Contact us

If you have further questions about the Women's Network you would like to ask before applying, please contact with Kerrianne O’Rourke, Patient and Public Involvement Coordinator at


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