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Message of support from the RCOG Women’s Network

The RCOG Women’s Network want to thank RCOG Fellows, Members, Trainees and Associates for all that they are doing for the nation.  With Covid-19 levels surpassing the peak of the first wave, we are now in uncharted territory. While many of us are able to stay at home safely, you continue to go in every day to maintain maternity and other gynaecological services.  

Your efforts and bravery do not go unnoticed. We recognise that you are putting your lives at risk every time you go into work to ensure that the services keep running while keeping the public safe. The demands on your time must be immense. We want you to know that we care about you so please also look after yourselves including your emotional wellbeing and mental health. 

 Thank for all the work that you do individually and collectively and for going above and beyond. Your continued commitment is very much appreciated by us all.  We are immensely proud of all of you and it is an honour that we work with such dedicated professionals.

The RCOG Women’s Network

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